Tuesday, March 02, 2010

disney desktop decorations

Remember my post a few months back about decorating my computer desktop with animation backgrounds and concept art? Well I'd like to share a few more Disney pieces that I've found. The Art of Disney blog, while written entirely in French, boasts a huge assortment of art from Disney artists. You can easily browse by film, live action flick, short cartoon, and even artist if you have something specific in mind. Here are a few that I found that are decently sized for desktop wallpaper:

Concept art from Disney's upcoming 3-D feature, Tangled, the story of Rapunzel. I cut that first one down to fit my laptop and darkened up the left portion of the image just a tad to make my icons pop (modified version).

This London cityscape from Disney's Peter Pan looks too narrow to be used for wallpaper, but it can be stretched to fit one's desktop and still look fabulous.

A background from an old 1930's short called Mickey's Trailer. The full cartoon featuring Mickey and Donald careening wildly over treacherous canyon roads in their runaway trailer can be seen on youtube (backround at 6:39).

You might recognize this as a still from the first ever Disney cartoon to be combined with synchronized sound, Steamboat Willie. Not your typical colorful desktop image, but it features Mickey Mouse back when he was a lovable rogue prone to comically violent acts.

A background from the 1938 Disney short, A Brave Little Taylor. I haven't used this on my desktop yet but I just might play around with the colors and saturation a bit to spruce it up before I do.

Another Lilo and Stitch watercolor background from Peter Moehrle, found on his blog, The Happy Brush.

Here's a gorgeous layout by Eyvind Earle from Sleeping Beauty. I found this one on the CHIUStream blog.

Though it's a little cold and wet, this is still a lovely bit of watercolor from 101 Dalmations, courtesy of One1more2time3's blog.