Thursday, October 08, 2009

life's little things

There's a simple reason behind my love of animation and here it is: it makes me happy. Another thing that makes me happy is being reminded of that happiness. What? I'm crazy? Well yes, but that's not the point. What I'm trying to say is it's the little things that make day-to-day life enjoyable. That's why I have a Catbus pillow and a Powerpuff girl hanging from my ceiling and an Ackbar Mighty Mugg holding a non-photo blue pencil on my desk. Okay, Admiral Ackbar isn't an animated character, but his anti-trap sentiments make me happy, dammit!

Every morning I wake up, glare at my cell phone/alarm clock, and then find myself smiling. Because this is the next thing I see:

I've had it for a while now - did you know you can just refill Kleenex boxes? Yeah, open up that one side with the flaps and then stuff a new roll of tissues in there and seal 'er back up again! Ta-da!

A newly acquired bit of amusement has come in the form of Dr. Finklestein, the mad scientist from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Look at this (just look!):

And his wheelchair rolls and his brain comes out and everything! I picked him up at Borders, can you believe it? In a little box in the graphic novels section!

Next up is my new Flapjack t-shirt.

You guys have no idea how many times a day I say the "two pieces of candy" line. That and, "The most beautiful man in the wooooorld," which is tragically not on youtube anywhere! What is up with that, internet?!

This has been a glimpse into the happy world of Tillie.


Kurdt said...

I have this little toy of Gir from Invader Zim that came with a ton of little extra toys including a stack of waffles and a squid (and tacos!). It sits on my desk and whenever I look at it I think of Gir shouting "Hi floor, make me a sammich!" And it makes me laugh. I think he needs a Dr. Finklestein to keep him company though ;)

Tillie Sain said...

Hahaha yesssss. They need to make little pocket GIRs. Equipped with a speech button that spouts his little one-liners. Like, "I was the turkey all along!" and "My taquitos!"