Friday, February 27, 2009

fanart friday!

Webcomics! Really, who doesn't love some free weekly art of the comedy/drama/action/awesome persuasion? I figure, if I read some each morning it will prove to me that other people are out there creating and hopefully I then have the will to get up and do something myself! And if I'm still struggling to come up with something original, why then it's time for fanart!

Here's a recent piece of fanart based on characters from Evil Diva by Pete Menotti and Brinson Thieme. I thought Diva's sweetness deserved a sweet ride in the form of her not-so-mini-anymore hell-hound, Cerby. Hmmm, she'll need a bigger purse.

This glum bum, er captain, is a character from Sean Szeles' strip, Through the Port-Hole. Never leave your whisky out where the seagulls can get to it.

I also added a section for banners on the right (under Archives - you can't miss it!) that will direct you to some of the webcomics that I read. Enjoy!!

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