Friday, May 16, 2008

a bright future? let's take a look...

I shall start with a little item I created this week. I was inspired by the silliness of our technological "advancements" and the preoccupation with something I like to call "supreme screen shrinkage." Does anybody actually want to watch a full movie on their tiny iPod or cell phone? What if it was a foreign film and it had tiny, tiny subtitles? The industry, I am certain, is determined to make us all go blind. Then they'll swoop in on their crab-walkers and pluck our money right out of our pockets while we bump about blinking rapidly, trying to find the light. Just... take a look.

Things I'm excited for:

Henry Selick's stop-motion feature for 2009, Coraline. Because any feature length stop-mo film makes me giddy. And because he was director of the darkly amazing Nightmare Before Christmas, I think this has major potential. Not to mention it will be coming to theaters in 3-D! Woh!

Hurrah! A clip:

Sylvain Chomet's newest animated feature, The Illusionist, which comes out in France and the U.K. in 2009. The strangeness that was Triplets of Belleville really intrigued me, so I am confident that his direction will once again bring something more to the table than American-made cookie-cutter films. Seriously, stop with the 3-D already!

Going with the 2009 release date theme I've got going on here, I'll add the tiniest of updates on Disney's return to traditionally animated princesses. The feature length flick is now called The Princess and the Frog, and due to some controversy (gurg, this whiny junk happens too frequently nowadays) there have been a few changes here and there. I personally liked the name Maddy for our musically-inclined princess, but it looks like we'll be calling her Tiana from now on, which is apparently less slave-girl like. Oh, and on that note she no longer starts out as a chambermaid. Uh, hello people, several Disney princess have been "slaves" to evil whosits and it's never been a problem before. Racist image my foot. It's a rags to riches, poor to princess fairytale so get over it. Le sigh.

Ahem! I think now would be an appropriate time for me to lament the loss of Chris Sanders (the quirky genius behind one of my favorite animated films, Lilo & Stitch) and to glare most disapprovingly in Disney's direction. Again. He's been removed as writer/director from his "American Dog" project and his wonderful vision, now retooled, is starting to look and sound annoyingly unoriginal. "Bolt", as it is now called, has been restructured by Chris Williams (of Mulan and Emperor's New Groove) and looks just like any other 3-D film out there. I mean, c'mon! "Too quirky for it's own good"?! Oh, John Lasseter, why? Why would you throw out an oversized radioactive rabbit character? Madness!

It went from this:

To this:

Boy, if I ran the world...

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Anonymous said...

What was Disney thinking!? I would seriously watch the other one! The latter looks corny and lame.