Wednesday, October 10, 2007

suit season

Do you know, I actually completely blanked when I started drawing this. I wanted a boy in a bulky Halloween costume, went with the shark idea, and thought nothing of it. It wasn't until I explained it to my brother and said "shark suit" out loud that I realized that I was perhaps influenced by fellow NYU animator Stephen Neary's short (Shark Suit: The Musical). I trust you see the connection. So this is my unwitting homage to that delightful piece - just in time for the ultimate Suit Season, aka All Hallows' Eve.

And seeing as I will more than likely be stationed here in Texas on that festive night, I've decided to go with the family to collect candies of my own. It's been four years (yes, it was college broke my sweets streak) but I feel I can pass myself off as a tall teen if I wear a mask and my poor animator's posture will help to diminish my thoroughly un-childlike height, especially if I wear a cloak of sorts. Besides, San Antonio folk are a kind and generous people and understand that big kids need candy too. What's the point of living at home if you can't enjoy life's simple pleasures?