Friday, August 31, 2007

the taming of the mouse

My younger bro Sam drew this picture of me in my bunny hat (it is a great hat). He experiments with manga and anime styles, so as you can see my nose is very flatteringly portrayed as naught but a tiny fleck.

Ho. Ly. Cow. This website I'm creating is really throwing me for a loop. I've always struggled with layout design, you see. As most of my work recently is tied up in this unholy behemoth of an undertaking, I fear the only things to show at this present time are a few pieces of Graffiti (a limited drawing application from dear old Facebook - tool options include only color, brush size and opacity). Naturally these creations are based on inside jokes, but I admit I am proud of my mousing ability enough to show them here. Having never used a Cintiq tablet, I've been forced, like so many out there, to develop a steady mouse hand. Still, what I wouldn't give for a Cintiq...

In honor of Nightcrawler, my champion of choice, while playing a video game with some pals (portrayed here as Iceman and Mr. Fantastic).

So that my friend will not forget the hilarity of Orson Welles' drunken attempt at acting in a wine commercial. Youtube it for a laugh.

Johnny Depp as an edible delicacy, of course.

Ah yes, the Lindsay Lohan music video featuring a tearful bathroom moment steeped in super-pop-princess-drama. A must for Facebook Graffiti.


stephen said...

ive never been inspired to install the graffiti program. until right now.

Leetal said...

Dude. Those are amazing. HOWWWW????

Nora said...

I thought you used a tablet. You is good my friend. You is good.