Tuesday, May 29, 2007

life after graduation

I'm back home in Texas for the summer, trying to organize my things. I especially delight in rediscovering my old works of art. Or, in many cases, old works of attempted art. There are a few jewels, including my old high school notebook-cartoons which gave birth to such characters as Tuppy, Boot Boot, and others too random to mention. I drew a lot of sloths and outlandish attacks on the dreaded E.T., that foul, loathsome sausage-fingered bane of my existence. Maybe I'll post some of that old stuff later, if it doesn't embarrass me too much.

And then there's the job hunt. We'll not talk about that. I'm giving myself a month off to get a tan. Oh, and to continue working on STUFFED.

Instead, some old Post-it art:

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