Monday, March 26, 2007


Three more weeks left until all submissions are due for NYU's Animation Showcase, and I've never had so much on my plate: fixing my roughs and trying to get picture lock (it may look like I'm coloring, but it's all a clever lie), planning my motion-capture project, and various 3-D assignments.

At this pace, I can't possibly keep up with my Netflix!

Did I ever mention I have the most ghetto work desk? My "lightbox" is comprised of a pegbar taped to a pane of glass I removed from a K-Mart picture frame. It uses the light from an upturned lamp that sits between my feet on the floor. The strange thing is I haven't burned anything with it yet. My chair and pants are singe-free. I did, however, kneel on and shatter my first "work table"*, but thankfully frames come cheap. Cheap like a fox.

* EDIT: Well, I did it again. I elbowed my pane in two. K-Mart, here I come.

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