Friday, January 26, 2007

i'm bringing sexy back

Scribbling, scribbling, scribbling. I'm trying to get over my super-freak perfectionist ways so I can churn out the rough animation for my 3-minute piece. It's harder for me to think in terms of shapes than it is for me to draw what's in my mind's eye. On the one hand, I have less mess to clean up later, but on the other hand the going is slow. Maybe I should try working without an eraser to keep the form loose and bring out the gestures.

I'm taking some new courses, and by "new" I mean "3-D". And a motion-capture course. This might not be the easiest direction for me, but by golly that's what all the big-time animation companies like to see on resumes. It seems anyone can vomit this stuff out nowadays, so I gotta get with the program.

Also, take this:

Saturday, January 20, 2007

simple has never looked so good

Heehee, this short by Pendleton Ward is to die for. It's called Adventure Time and it aired on Nickelodeon's Random Cartoons show (visit his AT blog for doodles). Ah, I can't get enough of it. "Algebraic!"